Photovoltaic Arrestors
Silicon Oxide Arrestor for Photovoltaic and Other Limited Current DC Applications.

Type of design Silicon Oxide Varistor

Weatherproof Enclosure N-4
2-1/4" High,
2-1/4" Diameter
Maximum number of surges Unlimited
Response time one milliamp test 5 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 10,000 amps 10 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 50,000 amps 25 nanoseconds

  LA302DC LA602DC
Maximum Current 60,000 amps 100,000 amps
Maximum Energy 2,000 joules per pole 3,000 joules per pole

Weatherproof Enclosure N-4
4-1/2" High,
2-1/4" Diameter

LA602DC for 0 to 1100 Volts, dc
LA302DC for 0 to 500 Volts, dc
LA302R for 0 to 300 Volts, ac

PV Arrestors

Delta silicon arrestors comply with all requirements of photovoltaic systems.
1. Deltas do not draw continuous current.
2. Deltas consume no power during stand-by.
3. Delta's clamping voltage does not change with age.
4. Delta arrestors fail open circuit to permit continued system operation.
5. Deltas contain no current limiting fuses or resistance.
6. Deltas are fire resistant.


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